What Happen to You, Yauma?

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2008

After all this time,
after I try to start writing with English
I was totally hopeless

I don't even dare to open the blog, because i knew I would stop and leave it the same as before.

And you know what? I almost forgot how to see my own blog after signing in. Because in about 1 month, I only see it like a reader, not an owner.

It's shame. I claim myself like writing and now I lost all of the words, since I start to learn writing in foreign language. And I hate myself when I gave up and thought writing in Indonesian is very easy and I can write a lot with my own language. It's not easy to write with another language, I admit. But to surrender, is make me as a coward. Therefore, now I try to write as much as I can.

Hopefully, what I learned 1 month ago will improve my writing now. I started to learn more about tenses, transition signal, and many other.

Now, I try to be more confindence and realize that the fear from being wrong is something which is prevent me to step forward. Thank for all of the support that I got from reader, I hope, one time I can master English and of course to master my beloved language as well.


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