Amazing: Fried RIce for Rp 2000!

>> Friday, June 24, 2011

All my life, I have never felt so shocked before.

Well, I have experienced all kind of surprising events. For example, when a boyfriend turned up before my eyes unexpetedly. Or when someone prepared a birthday cake in my birthday. Or when my boyfriend (ex now) sent wrong SMS to his another girlfriend to me. Well, those things are really stung my heart, either in good or bad way.

But for food, it is different. I know a feeling when tasting a delicious food. But always I am kinda worry about myself financially or worry about my diet. This time, I did not only find a amazingly great food, it was also in my portion and under my budget.

I was feeling a bit hungry yesterday afternoon. I am in a diet program to lose about 3 kg this month so I have been cutting my eating portion and avoiding dinner. Usually I eat at 3 pm but yesterday I just so busy that only after 5, I realized I haven't eaten anything. So I took my key and started looking for food. Then, came my biggest problem. To find a small portion food but not the simple rice and veggies. And it should be near where I live.

I then picked a place. It sells Pecel Lele, Pecel Ayam, Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice. I remembered coming here for Pecel Lele and it had such a nice service. So I ordered a half portion of Fried Rice and when it's time to wrap my order, I stood near the chef and told him the exact portion that I desired. Thank God, he was willing to listen to me! When it was time to pay, I asked him in Javanese,"Piro Mas?" which loosely translated as,"How much?" Then he answered, Rp 3000. I only had two Rp 2000 bill, so I handed it to him. And to my amazement, he gave one of the bill back. So I practically paid only Rp 2000!

Now, with this simple thing, how could I be so happy? It was not about the money, but the service. That the man were willing to give me my desired portion. C'est bon, aussi. As a costumer, that what I want to buy and it was the one who made me satisfied. Now, when I thought about fried rice, I'll be damned if that place did not come first in my mind.


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